My visit was very relaxing enjoyed not being rushed. I like the approch of reviewing my visit after the xrays as a one on one consultation. Nice fresh different approch. thank you


as a former employee you become partial to the doctor/office you work for! being gone for almost 5 yrs, each time i come back to get my families teeth clean- yes you are only one we still see.... And even being gone this long... you are our home!


My first visit went beyond my expectations. I have a severe fear of going to the dentist, often just pulling into the parking lot starts the feeling of panic. From my first phone call to actually sitting in the dental chair my anxiety was minimal. I was impressed from the time I sent an e-mail explaining an urgent situation, to walking in the office and being greeted with great kindness and understanding. Then Dr. Fogel was very kind and compassionate, made me feel at ease. The office is very nice, love the large open rooms and the TV was a nice distraction. The only regret I have is not making an appointment sooner with this practice!


Dr. Fogel and his staff are the best Dentist crew I have even had. I feel relaxed in the chair and well taken care of. He relates well and very understanding as well as flexible. The staff communicate things well and help keep the environment comfortable for patients. Highly recommend him!

Amy Porter

I've probably searched my whole life for a good dentist. I needed patience, explanations, and a sense that I was being dealt with fairly. Also, I'm pretty phobic about going to the dentist.

Because I could not find the right dentist, and after so many horrific experiences, I often waited years before gathering up my courage to go, every time a new dentist.

I read a review that made me give Dr. Fogel's office a try. I knew that there was work that needed to get done on my teeth and was beyond apprehensive.

Folks, from soup to nuts, this office provides an "experience." You are calmed and soothed from the moment you walk in, spoken to with great courtesy, voluntarily distracted in the Chair of Doom :), and walked through every step of your dental process so as to minimize surprises. I am enamored with each and every person in this office that helped me regain my dental health. I have interacted with five different people, and all seem to work in tandem and toward the same goal.

And the best part is, it feels genuine rather than put upon. In an era where I feel customer service has become a laughing joke, yet every company wants me to fill out a survey about their customer service, this was a review that I was happy to write. May it help you find the dental nirvana that you've been looking for :)


Dr Fogel is a great guy and his staff is kind and proffesional. I have come here for my dental care for many years. Friendly, personal service from the front desk all the way to examination room. Great atmosphere, great people! I highly recommend Dr Fogel and his staff! Tim Boshaw

Gina Bergman

Excellent review here

Melissa Pixley

Excellent review here


The best staff ever! Dr. Fogel and his staff are true professionals and make you feel so comfortable. I highly recommend them!


great office

Raelle Alvarez

Very nice staff, up to date technology. Clean office. Dr. Fogel is very gentle. All staff is great with kids. Amanda is awesome, my 4 year old loved his cleaning!